Would You Rather?

I was tagged by my friend Danielle at Fifteen Thousand Pages (check out her blog! We went to the same college 🙂 ) to do a would you rather post! I loved reading her answers and I’m excited to post my own now:

Would you rather: ONLY read trilogies or stand-alones?

This isn’t easy, because choosing standalone books only means that I get cut off from lots of series that I enjoy, but trilogies only means that all of the standalone books that I like, PLUS other series that are more than 3 books are a no-go also. I think I’m going to say stand-alones though because I think that choosing trilogies would be too limiting. I am GLAD that this is not a choice that I need to actually make :p


Would you rather: ONLY read male or female authors?

I actually have been keeping a spreadsheet to track my reading habits over the past few years and noticed something very very interesting: With each year I read more female-written and less male-written books, to the extent that this year I have only read two books written by dudes all year. I have NO idea why this is happening because it’s not anything that I’m consciously doing; I always just pick books in the order that they happen to call out to me or that I’m in the mood to try in the moment, but I am going to say FEMALE authors for this one just to continue with my little pattern.


Would you rather: shop ONLY at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Definitely, definitely Barnes and Noble!! Nothing beats being able to physically pick up books, examine the covers, flip through, check out the journal section (and usually never buy anything from there), smell the candles (that I definitely never buy either), hunt through the bargain books… Okay you get it, I love this place. My best friend Marissa and I basically live in there whenever she’s home from Florida.

This has happened to me more than once. My blog followers are now my friends and can now be aware that I have IBS. NO SHAME.

This has happened to me more than once. I have IBS. NO SHAME.

Would you rather: books be made into TV shows or movies?

I think TV shows. Danielle’s answer for this one is pretty much how I feel, too: with a TV show you get a longer experience and the likelihood that the show will be more detailed than a movie could be. Movies of my favorite books usually upset me because they just can’t compare. Except for The Princess Bride; that is the best movie ever and does improve upon the book in my opinion, even though that is still one of my all time favorite reads.


Would you rather: read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

5 books per week, please!!! This is not even a question! I only wish I had the time to read even more than that…


Would you rather: write or review books professionally?

In order to properly answer this question I feel like I need to direct you to a text message I recently sent to my friend Bianca:


^ So yes, definitely review. If I could get paid to read… seriously my dream life (with some dogs to sit by my feet while I read, too, of course)

Would you rather: ONLY read your favorite genre, or read every genre except your favorite?

I honestly read such a diverse range of books that if someone asked me to just pinpoint ONE favorite genre, I’m not even sure that I could. I think I probably read the most of either historical fiction or mystery/thriller types, and I know that I wouldn’t want to box myself into either of those, and would have plenty to read if I had to do without. So I would rather read every genre but my “favorite” :p


Would you rather: read only physical or e-books?

Nothing beats the convenience of my Kindle while traveling, but when I’m just at home I almost always turn to a hard copy. I am not anti-Kindle or anything like that but physical books are just so much better and create a more authentic reading experience. Plus they just look so good on my shelves 🙂


Would you rather: be best friends with Jane Austen or F. Scott Fitzgerald?

Definitely Jane Austen. Her observations and conclusions about people remain SO relevant today despite being written centuries ago. Plus, women who were close with Fitzgerald tended not to turn out so great, am I right, Zelda? :p

I found my Darcy :)

I found my Darcy 🙂

Would you rather: only ever read inside or outside?

Inside!!!! I’m not exactly the most outdoorsy person…

This man speaks to me on a spiritual level

Neil Gaiman speaks to me on a spiritual level

Would you rather: eat food from Harry Potter’s world, or drink the potions in Wonderland?

Well, considering that I have been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios a few times now, and have eaten in their version of The Leaky Cauldron, and it was delicious, I will choose Harry Potter food! The only thing that would make it better is if more food would just keep magically appearing on my plate. 😉 I can do without vomit flavored Bertie Botts’ beans though.


Thanks Danielle for adding some really fun questions to the usual ones that I have seen around, and for tagging me!!!

I don’t think that I am going to tag anyone specific to complete the post right now, but if any of my followers haven’t already done something like this… you should. You can even borrow my gifs :p


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather?

    • I HATE BUGS. Also, I get sunburned really easily even if I use a lot of sunscreen. I can almost tolerate reading on the beach (with a big beach umbrella) but I think sticking to my couch is just safer :p


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