Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I’ve been posting so much that I might need to think about disconnecting WordPress from my personal Facebook page so my non book nerd friends don’t have to deal with so many updates 😛 OH WELL.

I was nominated by Christiana @ Christiana Reads for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. This is the first time that something like this has happened and I am so grateful and excited, so THANK YOU Christiana for including me! My blog has been active for a little less than a month and in that time I’ve been able to come across a lot of very nice people with the same interests as me, which was my goal in starting a book blog 🙂



1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.

3. Nominate ten other bloggers (I am choosing only five)

4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

My questions from Christiana:

1. Do you enjoy playing any sports? If yes, which one?

I am not proud of this but it is true: I’m probably the least athletic/coordinated person I know. If there is a team sport having a game somewhere, you do NOT want me to be a part of it. When I played soccer as a child my family always knew which kid I was because I was the one just standing there looking at the grass watching the ball roll by. I took tennis lessons for a while and my form is not that bad but I just miss the ball a lot since I am sloooowwwww. If hiking counts as a sport, then I would choose that – there is a beautiful preserve near my parents’ house (about 10 minutes from where I live now) that has a few miles of trails and also has NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS that “mow” the grass in a natural and eco-friendly way. I will partake in any physical activity that gets me to play with cute animals. Oh I also really like horseback riding, I forgot about that, and I am good at it! 🙂


Here’s me and one of the dwarf goats (he started to eat my sweatshirt sleeve a little while after this picture was taken)!

2. What do you take with you no matter where you go?

My phone, Lactaid pills so I can have dairy without getting (as much of) a stomachache, emergency stomach medicine (are you noticing a pattern?), my Barnes and Noble membership card…

3. Any dream that seems impossible to you right now but you wish it comes true in the future?

I dream of living in London (specifically in Bloomsbury) with Anthony, hopefully some kids and lots of doggies and we make our living from my incredibly successful book reviews :p This is not possible because I would somehow have to have my parents, brother and all of my friends in London too.

4. Which book/movie/TV show would you consider your guiltiest pleasure?

Nicholas Sparks’ books make me cry even though I know that’s the point of them, I have watched Mean Girls/Legally Blonde/Miss Congeniality and similar movies to the point that I can quote them from beginning to end, and Teen Wolf is definitely my guilty pleasure TV show – the dialogue is so predictable at times that I often say what a character is going to say before they do, but I’ve been through 4 seasons with it and I will not stop now.

5. Share one of your most motivational quotes!

“Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten” – Neil Gaiman

6. Which song could be the soundtrack of your life (so far)?

My dad would say that it should be “Short People” by Randy Newman (I am under 5’0″ tall). I will be slightly more positive and say “Lucky” by Jason Mraz.

7. Which fictional character shares many similarities with you? And which are those?

I think about this a lot and have many answers: Matilda (thankfully my parents are better than hers were, but I identified with her so much growing up as I have been a reader since age 2), Hermione (same idea, PLUS my mother is a dentist), Cath from Fangirl (saw so much of myself in her, from how I imagined she might look to how she dressed to getting obsessed with things to even how she dealt with her roommate and classmates, it was seriously like starting college all over again when I read that), Peeta Mellark (love of bread)…

8. Last thing that someone said to you and made you think about life.

I don’t know if I can pick out a specific saying but I have a “core group” of close friends and I am really able to tell them anything and have them share anything with me as well, and it makes me very grateful that I have people I can lean on in hard times. For instance, yesterday one of my friends said that she was so glad to have had me around during a rough time and I’m glad that I could be there for her.

9. Favorite Disney movie?

Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tangled… really I love them all.

10. Which is the book that, according to you, everyone should read?

I’ve been pushing Uprooted really hard lately because I absolutely loved it. I felt the same way about The Night Circus when that came out. The Perks of Being a Wallflower was such an important book for me in high school. If I had to choose just one to recommend, I guess it would really depend on what was personally going on for me when I read a book that made it stick with me.

Bloggers I am nominating (please feel free to not do the questions if you have already done this or something similar but I was honored to be nominated and I want to follow through):

1. Danielle @ Fifteen Thousand Pages

2. Brittany @ Brittany Marie Reads

3. Ashley @ What’s She Reading?

4. Blaise @ The Book Boulevard

5. Regina @ The Bibliothèque

My questions for the bloggers I’ve nominated:

1. Where do you live (general area or even country is fine, I am not stalking you 😉 ) and what is your favorite/least favorite thing about it?

2. What book are you planning to read next and why did you choose that one?

3. Do you have any special or unique family traditions (or traditions with friends) you want to share?

4. What do you think is your best quality?

5. What author would you most want to meet and why?

6. What are some things you hope to do this summer (besides read a lot)?

7. Where in the world would you most like to travel to and why?

8. Have you recently read a book that everyone else seemed to love but you just couldn’t get into?

9. What is your current occupation, or, if you’re a student, what are you studying, and how do you feel about it?

10. What toppings do you like on your pizza?

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