Quick Update

I just wanted to write a quick post to say hi to everyone and promise that I am going to get a couple of reviews out this weekend. I started a totally unexpected new job at the end of September, and I am loving it so, so much, but I never expected that I would have a job where I’d be so busy that I didn’t have time to do my blog anymore :\ it is just a totally different style of work than I had before (I finally feel like a real lawyer, which is wonderful) and also commuting to Brooklyn between 3 and 4 hours total each day means that when I get home most nights I just want to sleeeeeeeeep. I am over two months behind on reviews and that makes me so sad because the long commute also means that I’ve been reading a ton!

I really hope that I can catch up with my reviews and also try to set aside a little bit of time every day to interact, too. I promise all of my followers & especially friends I’ve made through blogging that I do not intend to ever stop blogging, just am in the middle of this adjustment period and hopefully can get back into the swing of things soon!



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