Random Post: My Favorite Literature Quizzes on Sporcle

I’m not going to work tomorrow!! My dad and I are driving to Boston in the morning, because last month while I was on my honeymoon I got THIS email:


I have taken the Jeopardy! online test every year for many years now. This is the first time I’ve ever passed the test, or at least the first time I’ve ever been contacted to move onto the next step! AHHHHH.

I haven’t done too much preparation for tomorrow since I’ve been so busy, but if I make it through the audition and get called to actually fly to LA and be on the show itself, I will definitely go into studying overdrive. Which brings me to the point of this post: In order to prepare for the online test and audition I used Sporcle. I am obsessed with this awesome little site. There are quizzes on every single topic, and the site itself just has a lot of really great features that definitely make it the superior site for online quizzes and trivia.

The literature section is particularly strong, so before I pack up some things for tomorrow, I thought I would quickly share some of my favorite quizzes that I always find myself returning to until I attain perfection, and sometimes even after that:

Shakespeare Plays – Just what it says on the tin. Naming all of Shakespeare’s plays, divided by comedy, history, and tragedy. Addicting.

‘A’ Books by Cover – There are a few more of these, but I don’t think that they have created quizzes for each letter of the alphabet yet. A really fun quiz where you need to identify the title of the book based on the cover. In my opinion this would be even better if they took the authors’ names off too, because that can be a huge hint.

‘G’ Books by Opening Line – A more recent feature of Sporcle since I began using it (in 2008! Holy crap!!) is the “clickable” quiz, where you can select the answer instead of having to type it in. This particular quiz has you click on the correct book title based on the opening line. I think there are also some more of these besides just the letter G. Easy to memorize and get 20/20 after a few tries, but also good to see what you can get from your own reading experiences or just from common knowledge.

The Hunger Games Character by Tweet – Identifying the Hunger Games character by what they might say on Twitter.

Harry Potter Patronus Match-up – Self explanatory, I think! Still fun after all these years. The Harry Potter section of Sporcle’s literature quizzes is essentially endless, with hundreds to choose from.

Famous Books: First Page – I love this one. You get the actual first page of the book and try to identify it. I LOVE that every page is a different font and design and is the actual one from the book, it’s so much better than just picking through a list of quotes.

Literary Best Friends – Matching up each half of a friendship and also identifying the author whose work features the pair.

If you don’t already visit Sporcle regularly, I highly recommend it! They really have a quiz on everything, and even if you can’t find the exact type of quiz you want, you can register for free and create your own. Some of the user-created quizzes that aren’t made or approved by the editors of the site are the best ones, in my opinion. In addition to the literature quizzes, I really enjoy their geography ones. I’m proud to say that I can now name all of the countries of the world, and their capitals, and I’m hoping that this knowledge comes in handy during my audition tomorrow and perhaps on the actual show itself! Feel free to add me as a Sporcle friend (my username there is Abbynormal) and we can challenge each other 🙂


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