Random Post: My Book-Themed Engagement Photos, Bridal Shower and Bookish Wedding Decor

So obviously I won’t be able to post a book review every single day, even though I would absolutely love to do that! I have work and it’s just not possible. I do have a few books going right now including an audiobook that I’m almost done with (The Husband’s Secret), so I will be able to post some more reviews ASAP. I think that I will also go back to some earlier reads from before I started the blog and write longer reviews for those to have more content here. But in the meantime I am trying to come up with other ideas for things that I can post that are related to my reading life even if not necessarily a book review. One of our engagement photo shoots, my bridal shower, and the actual wedding had lots of book inspiration, so I’ll discuss and share a few pictures 🙂

We actually had two professional photo sessions because I was dying to have some pictures of us by the monuments in DC after knowing I’d be moving back home, and then after we hired our actual wedding photographer here in New York. Before that, though, one of my friends from law school was nice enough to snap a few photos for us in the Eastern Market area of DC. There is a fantastic used bookstore there called Capitol Hill Books and I’ve seen other great engagement pictures there, so we got a few of our own. The pictures don’t even fully capture the perfect quirkiness of this store: You can barely get up the narrow stairs without thinking that an unwieldy pile of books is going to fall on you; there are foreign language books stacked up in the bathroom; there are sarcastic comments all along the shelves to both guide and amuse as you browse. I am so happy that we have these as a memory of one of my favorite DC haunts. A couple of the best ones are also on the About page of the blog.





 ^ “Look worried/confused, Anthony!!”



I know that surprise bridal showers are a pretty popular thing, but I hate surprises and I’m kind of a control freak, so that wasn’t going to happen when it was my turn for a shower this past January. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted the shower to be like, and my mother-in-law and I spent a couple hundred bucks at Michael’s, hit up the book sale at my local library, and got down to business.


^ The room that the shower was in had a beautiful built-in bookcase. I actually first had the idea for a book-themed shower once I saw this bookcase when we were looking at different venues. I knew then that I wanted to have the bridal shower here and what I wanted everything to look like. I arranged photos of us with some of my favorite books, plus other books I just felt were representative of the occasion (The Book of Awesome). I haven’t actually read Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald yet, but my new last name starts with a Z so that big Z on the cover was just perfect.

10896915_10152990494832674_1503825360131427941_n (1)

^ The favors were journals and bookmarks, of course!


^ Some close-ups of the table decorations. I know some people will take issue with this, but yes, a couple of very old books collecting dust in my dad’s office DID have to die for the cause. Pages were ripped out to be punched into heart confetti to decorate the tables and were painted with metallic watercolors (which took FOREVER to dry) in order to create the book paper flowers on each table. I used a tutorial that I found on Buzzfeed and it was pretty simple once I got into it! I think the payoff was so much better compared to regular flowers, and now I’ll have these forever.


^ We painted some simple wood frames in soft pastel colors and put a different love quote from a book or author inside each. Other book pages were used to create a base for the books, which were either softcover books wrapped in pretty scrapbook paper, or decorative book-shaped boxes, depending on the table.


^ The cake that my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law made for me. Look at this thing!!!

I was really happy with the way everything looked at the shower, and employed a similar strategy in preparing some of my own wedding table decorations to supplement the centerpieces from the florist. We went with a president theme because we’re both big U.S. history buffs. I painted frames like crazy, so that for a while the entire floor of the upstairs loft in my house looked like this:


Then it was off to three nearby libraries to pick out biographies for our selected presidents. The final result came out like this:


So definitely not as bookish as the shower, but still just enough that it was there, without being too themed. The explanation card was actually Anthony’s idea and a lot of people remarked that they would have had no idea why we had presidents on the tables without it, so good for him!

I forgot to mention this when initially posting, but our save the dates were also library cards:


I really enjoyed infusing my love of books into the wedding planning, pre-wedding events and the big day itself. Maybe in a few years’ time, there will be a book themed baby shower… 😉

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