Book Review: “Heartburn” by Nora Ephron

“Every so often I would look at my women friends who were happily married and didn’t cook, and I would always find myself wondering how they did it. Would anyone love me if I couldn’t cook?”

Knopf, 1983 (first edition). 179 pages.

Knopf, 1983 (first edition).
179 pages.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a few days!! Just had a busy week and weekend with lots of plans with family and my college roommate’s bridal shower yesterday! The wedding is in October and we cannot wait. It was wonderful to catch up with some of my other college friends too.

I went to the library early last week to take out my next group of audiobooks, and picked this up just because in big letters on the cover of the CD case it said “Narrated by Meryl Streep.” How could I say no to Meryl? This was a super-short book that kept me nice company during 4 hours of bumper to bumper traffic driving to and from New Jersey yesterday.

The basic premise is that Rachel Samstat, a cookbook author who has a toddler and is 7 months pregnant with her second child, finds out that her husband, Mark, a journalist in Washington D.C., is having an affair. The rest of the book goes on to explore the consequences of her discovery on her relationship with Mark and her friends. Interspersed within the story are various recipes. I really enjoyed that particular format and I need to look up the recipes since I listened to it and some of them sounded awesome.

I already knew that Nora Ephron can tell a great story, being the writer of many of my all-time favorite chick flicks. There were a lot of laughable moments here, and Meryl Streep as a reader was simply fantastic. However, in general, this book really did not move me at all. I didn’t feel sympathetic towards the main character despite what she was going through which makes me feel sad because I am told that the story parallels an experience in Ephron’s own life. I just did not feel that even as a married woman AND even more so as a married woman who adores cooking for her husband, I would have had the same responses and reactions that she did to the situation. Apparently there was a movie WITH MERYL AS RACHEL so I will get on watching that ASAP. I am giving Heartburn 3 stars because the audiobook reading itself was fantastic so I had a great reading experience, and Ephron is a of course good writer. I just wasn’t that into this particular story.

Now, if this was a book edition of "You've Got Mail," that would have been 5 stars for sure. Don't you think so, Mom??

Now, if this was a book edition of “You’ve Got Mail,” that would have been 5 stars for sure. Don’t you think so, Mom??


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