Allergic to E Challenge

Thanks to my friend Danielle @ Fifteen Thousand Pages for challenging me to this evil thing!! This challenge was created by Redefining Random. I’m not going to repost the rules here, but essentially you need to attempt to write an entire paragraph without using the letter E. This was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I worked really hard on this so don’t make fun of me. I decided to write it about my husband and the dog that we don’t have yet. His name actually will be Wesley when we eventually get him but I had to change his name for e-less paragraph purposes:

Anthony had a show on, a particular daily horror saga, but his small, young dog, a tan corgi, was spinning around and around, again and again, jubilantly barking and chasing his tiny tail. Soon, this distraction took all of his focus away from his program, and it was quickly shut off in favor of acting as a participant in Winston’s play, tossing him a worn ball, which Winston was quick to follow. In addition to constantly pursuing his microscopic tail, hunting a ball was a popular sport for Winston. Actually, Winston did not balk at dragging any dirty, nasty, possibly living, but almost always finally stiff and cold, thing across Anthony’s doorway. This was a small con of having a dog, thought Anthony, but picking up Winston’s kills was worth it, if only for how much joy Anthony had had with his short, stumpy pal for so many months now. Winston was quick to adapt; that smart dog could grasp any trick, and could grasp it fast, usually in just two days of coaching. “Who’s a good boy?!?!” was a daily inquiry. Winston was a good boy. Anthony was so fond of his dog, who brought him an antonym of sorrow. In fact, only Abby could lift Anthony’s spirits past that high par built by Winston.

There is my paragraph. I did my best! I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically for this but I invite anyone who wants to give it a shot to post your paragraph in the comments and I’ll give you some feedback 🙂


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