greetings interwebs

After months, maybe even years, of going back and forth on the idea, I have finally decided to create a book blog.

In my dream life, I would have nothing to do besides the really important things: eating, sleeping, reading, playing with puppies, watching Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns… but mostly reading.

However, this isn’t my dream life (though I’m doing my best to make it close), and I have a little thing called work that prevents me from reading all day, every day. I may or may not be starting this blog from work right now. To be perfectly honest, I am currently a lowly intern (though a paid intern, thank goodness) and I am always on the hunt for a better, more permanent position, but I’ll try not to let my whining about work and job hunting spill over onto this blog too much.

Anyway, even though I have to work, I still read a lot. I often have multiple books going at the same time, in various formats. I have a Kindle Fire, but real books will forever be my true preference. Sometimes, though, you just can’t beat the convenience of an e-reader, especially on vacation or while commuting. I also recently got into audiobooks (okay, very recently, I’m listening to my very first one right now) which has made my annoying drive to work much better.

I am absolutely obsessed with chronicling my reading adventures on Goodreads and meticulously organizing my read and to-be-read lists there. I also recently made a book-themed Tumblr page, after not updating my multifandom, TV/movie based blog on there for many months. I think that this blog will be a good way to tie everything together: I can post more detailed reviews than I normally would on Goodreads or than I plan to on Tumblr, utilizing information from both of those sites to find excellent book blogs on here and improve my own reviewing skills. For now this is just my hobby; as you might have figured out from the title of this blog, I’m an attorney by day, but you never know where a hobby might take you, and anything that can bring me closer to being able to spend even more of my time reading is something I want to be doing. So that brings me to my new book blog, and to what I hope will be a fun and productive use of my spare time, if not a much better way to procrastinate than just repeatedly checking Facebook.




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